Monday, July 25, 2016

Woodland Enchantress Cross Stitch, Progress Report 1

When I mentioned to regular commentor Patricia that I was working on a new cross stitch, she asked me if I was going to post pictures of it when it was done. "That's a great idea," I thought to myself. "Why wait until the end? Why not post quarterly updates on how it's going?"

So here is the first post in a new series about my cross stitch. Unfortunately, the suggestion came after I'd already started, so there aren't any very early pics. My plan for this stitch is to frame it once it's done and hang it in the library we're planning for the house we haven't bought yet (nor can we buy at this time). However, it will take a year to finish, if not longer (almost definitely longer), so there's plenty of time for us to purchase a house!

Here are some pics to set the stage:

What it's supposed to look like when I'm done.

The very involved pattern. It's two separate

Here are the mounds of floss it came with. Fortunately, modern kits come with the floss separated out and labeled. The very large cross stitch I did about 20 years ago didn't. I fashioned a "floss organizer" out of a piece of cardboard, where I attached a clipping of each floss with its name written above it. It was a pain. So many floss colors are very similar. Currently, I'm working with: light green, green, dark green, light aqua green, and aqua green. Oh, the eye strain. 

Spread long for your viewing pleasure.

Miri was very interested in what I was doing with the floss. Sorry for the litter box in the background, but at least you can't see anything!

Here's what I've done so far. Bear in mind that this represents HOURS of work. How many hours? I haven't kept track, but I would guess somewhere between 10 - 15. That's right, I haven't gotten very far. Cross stitch is pretty labor intensive.

Traditionally, cross stitchers use a hoop. I happen to dislike the way they feel in my hands, so I go with out. That's why my cloth is so wrinkled in the below picture. Once I've finished, I'll wash and iron it and it should be fine. However, this can lead to looser fabric, so if you're feeling inspired, do some research and see what works best for you.

The portion I've done is of her dress's overlay, near her hip.

Wide shot.

Close up.

Mostly, I've only been working on it during my needlework group, which I attend sporadically, but I try to get in some time here and there when I'm at home. I really love this pattern. I'm excited to see how it comes together, and how quickly I finish! My next update will likely come in October.


Patricia said...

What a very good idea regular commentor Patricia had! :-)

This is an INTENSE cross stitch. I have a cross-stitching past, but nothing like this. I'm excited to see the quarterly progress.

balyien said...

Regular commenter Patricia has lots of good ideas. ;)

Yeah, I think this is the most intense cross stitch I've ever done. I did two others that were large like this, but this one has more "background" stitching than those.