Monday, July 4, 2016

Out and About: San Diego Botanic Garden

Located at 230 Quail Gardens Drive in Encinitas, San Diego Botanic Garden covers 35 acres that boast 30 different gardens for an impressive array of beauty. When my husband and I visited on a lovely Saturday morning, it was surprisingly uncrowded. I can't decide whether I'm happy or sad that this gem is a bit hidden. Cost is $14/adult, $8/child (3-12), plus $2 for parking (electric cars can park for free at a charger if you request it but since our charge was high we parked in a normal spot).

Below are some pictures from our adventure there, posted mostly without commentary:

I loved the color of these figs.

The Mexican Garden was full of these amazing topiaries.

Boardwalk to the overlook, as viewed
from the overlook.

They were setting up for (presumably) a wedding
here. Great spot to have one!

The Botanic Garden is full of artwork. Frankly, most of it wasn't to my taste, or my husband's. Below are my three favorite pieces. Only now do I realize that they all represent women.

"She is Shotokan" by Julia S. Rasor

"Joy" by Laurenn Prater Barker

"El Capitana" by Yuriy Akopov

I leave it to your imagination why I took (and kept) this photo:

We had a great time, and discovered only after we left that we missed a whole section of the park! This came about because I didn't feel like carrying the map around in my hand (my purse was too small). I assumed that there would be maps posted throughout the park. There are not. That is my only (minor) complaint. I will be back, and hopefully often! They do concerts there - I'm intrigued.


Patricia said...

Heh. That last picture. I like how the informational sign is all, "La-la, it's clearly not a penis and balls, la-la carry on."

It looks like a very pretty place. Would you say the climate is a bit different here than in Santa Monica? It looks like there is a tiny bit more rain.

balyien said...

I would say it's a bit cooler here than in SM, surprising to me, given that it's further south. I wouldn't say that it gets more rain than the LA area. If a lot of my pictures show gray skies, that's because we happened to move during May Gray/June Gloom. It happens every year in SoCal, I believe from LA all the way down to the border. Many days in May and June start gray - most stay that way all day - but it almost never rains. It's actually pretty depressing. If it's going to be gray, I wish it would just rain!