Friday, July 29, 2016

Music Love: "Emmylou" by First Aid Kit

If memory serves correct, First Aid Kit was one of my "end of year" list finds. The very first song I heard of theirs was "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song." I went on to purchase several of their songs after that, but have been disappointed in their more recent efforts. One of the things I liked about them was how simple their music was, because it allowed the songs to showcase their beautiful voices. I find their more current stuff overproduced. It detracts from the overall appeal.

First Aid Kit is a duo of sisters that hails from Sweden. As I stated above, what I like most about them is their voices. I can probably count on one hand (maybe two) the number of female singers I like. I include Johanna and Klara Soderberg in that count.

"Emmylou" is a bit more country than I typically go for. I've picked up a few country songs here and there over the years, but by and large, it's just not my genre. However, I do enjoy folk, and often, folk straddles the line with country, although it fortunately tends to straddle the line with "old" country rather than "new" country. Definitely, if I had to choose, I'd go with "old" country.

At any rate, the country tune fits with the song, which is tangentially related to Emmylou Harris. Less tangentially, it's about searching for love. It's also about recognizing one's own faults, and learning what you want in a partner. The melody is lovely, the mood appropriately broody, and the lyrics moving. My favorite lines:

"Oh the bitter winds are coming in and I'm already missing the summer. Stockholm's cold but I've been told I was born to endure this kind of weather."

"Now so much I know that things just don't grow if you don't bless them with your patience."

If you're digging this song, I highly recommend you check out their album The Lion's Roar, where the majority of the songs I've downloaded came from. This is good rainy day music, not that there are many rainy days around here.

P.S. This video is kind of ridiculous and I feel a bit sorry for them that someone told them it looked cool. However, what I presume to be Joshua Tree National Park is pretty.


Patricia said...

I adore this song, and this album too. This song was played a lot on local radio one summer and I have very fond memories of it, mostly because Portland Actor's Ensemble's production of Twelfth Night we watched in 2012 had a cast that sang well together and they sang a goodly number of songs including this one. Here's my write-up:

balyien said...

That sounds like a really nice performance. Oddly enough, I feel like this song would work well with Twelfth Night.