Friday, July 15, 2016

Sci Fi Top 100: Overview

I had a difficult time coming up with my next movie project. I considered ideas of my own and kicked around ideas solicited from friends. My top idea was to watch all of Alan Rickman’s major motion pictures. I loved him as an actor and took his death hard. However, so many of his movies aren’t available on DVD that I abandoned the project. A clever friend suggested doing a “six degrees of separation” project, so I thought that might be a nice way to honor Mr. Rickman. But then I tried to do it a few times and kept accidentally getting back to Mr. Rickman in less than 6 movies. So I moved on to an idea I’ve been considering for a while, where I watch an original movie and its remake, then compare the two. Ultimately I decided that I didn’t have the mental energy to pursue it at this time (it’s hard to find a good, comprehensive list of movie remakes).

I added and took off so many movies from my Netflix DVD queue that if anyone but me is paying attention to it, they must be very confused!

In the end, I decided I wanted a pre-made list to work off of, like AFI or Best Picture. I wanted something with more modern stuff than AFI, preferably something that had a lot of movies I’d never seen before. I thought a  genre that I don’t typically watch would be nice.

And that’s how I came to the Sci Fi Top 100 list.

Given my natural tastes (I love sci fi and fantasy, write it for a living), it’s amazing how few sci fi films I’ve seen. I looked at several different lists before settling on THIS ONE put together by Timeout London. My husband, a huge lover of sci fi, thinks it’s pretty much the worst list in the history of ever. Do I think it’s the best list of sci fi movies ever? Not really, but I like that it includes a lot of movies I’ve never seen, including many I’ve never even heard of.

As with AFI, I’ll start the list at #100 and work my way up. Movies will be rated on a scale of .25 to 5 stars. Any movie that was previously reviewed for another project will receive a brief write-up, along with a link to the original review.

So come along with me, and let’s have some fun watching aliens, outer space, futuristic stuff, and probably lots of explosions! We’ll get started with an American classic next week.


Patricia said...

So excited! I think this is going to be a GREAT project!

balyien said...

Thanks! I'm excited too! Two movies down & so far so good. :)