Thursday, June 25, 2015

Toys My Dog Destroys: One-Armed Frog

Poor little frog came with a defect: he was one-armed from the start, something I didn't notice until after I brought him home. A cursory examination indicated that this came about due to a manufacturer error. I don't think he ever had a second arm:

Nonetheless, he was apparently happy enough to go to his doom on May 3. Being one of those stretchy toys that are slightly more durable, he had a pretty good run. Major didn't bust into his head until May 19, more than 2 weeks later. As I was trying to snap a picture of the destruction, I couldn't get Major to stay out of the picture. In the first, you can see his snout at the far left of the frame:

Then he planted himself in the way until I gave up and just intentionally took a picture with him in it:

One-Armed Frog hung around for about three weeks after that, mostly due to my laziness. Major didn't play with him much once he was empty. Here he is on June 12 before I threw him away. You can see the hole in the back of his head where Major busted in to get the squeaker and stuffing:

I bought One-Armed Frog at a major pet store retailer for $2.50. He lasted slightly more than a month, not nearly as long as his brother, Red Fox.


Patricia said...

Good for you one-armed frog. Show them how it's done!

balyien said...

Oh gosh, your post reminded me that I have another destroyed toy to post. He killed it in like 30 seconds.