Monday, May 4, 2015

Toys My Dog Destroys: Red Fox

Sadly, there isn’t going to be much to this post, for reasons that are explained below.

I bought Red Fox because I wanted a toy that I was pretty sure would take a while to destroy. Red Fox seemed to be the ticket. The only stuffed portions were his head and tail. The middle was made of a stretchy fabric that was unfilled. Major always has trouble busting open the heads of toys, and the stretch of the fabric in the middle made it easier to throw. Perfect!

Here’s Red Fox before I gave him to Major on 3/18/15:

Major loved this toy, and so did I. It took him about a month to bust into the head and remove the squeaker and stuffing. I had a great picture of it. Unfortunately, if you read my post about my visit to CSC, you’ll know that I broke my phone. That picture was still on the phone, which is broken in such a way that no data can be retrieved from it, so I lost it. I was also too lazy to write down the date Major de-stuffed him (I expected to get the date from the picture), but I think it was a couple of weeks ago. 

Major’s enthusiasm dimmed for Red Fox after he was de-stuffed, although only slightly. He still played with him, and he never managed to bust open the tail. He probably would have continued to play with him if I’d let him, but we were at the pet store yesterday and they had other toys that were similar, so I decided to pick up a couple. 

Here’s Red Fox before I threw him away on 5/3/15. Notice the gruesome lobotomy job Major did on him. He ripped a couple of holes in the middle as well:

I bought Red Fox at a major pet store retailer for $2.50. He lasted about a month and a half. He was well worth it.


Patricia said...

Nice gruesome lobotomy job, Major. I see work with horror films in your future.

balyien said...

You should see his "I'm fighting you" face. It's very fierce. :P