Thursday, June 4, 2015

Up with Geography: Bhutan




Asian continent. Bhutan shaded dark. Please ignore that the map
makes it look like there's a tiny country between Nepal & Bhutan.
That is actually part of India. The map was poorly drawn (by me).

A close up of Bhutan and its neighbors.

China, India

Water Borders:

Total Area:
14,824 square miles

Five Largest Cities:
Thimphu, Phuntsholing, Punakha, Samdrup Jongkhar, Geylegphug

Famous Geographical Point:
Gangkhar Puensum (at 24,840 feet, the highest mountain in the country)

Famous Person:
Daw Penjo, ambassador

Book Set In/About:
Beyond the Sky and the Earth by Jamie Zeppa

A travel memoir written by a Canadian woman who, at 24, signed a contract to teach in Bhutan for two years.

Movie Set In/About:
"Travelers and Magicians" (2003), directed by Khyentse Norbu

A "road tale" that draws parallels between a young man eager to find a better life and the young man in a story told to him by a Buddhist monk. This is the first movie to be filmed in Bhutan!

Headline of the Day:
"Bhutan Breaks Guinness Record for Tree Planting" in BBC News.

*Note: Neither this post, nor the images it contains, are intended to be a political statement on the existence or nonexistence of Tibet. I'm simply presenting the maps as they currently, officially, stand.


Patricia said...

I find it handy when countries only have one or two other countries that border them. If I drew the boundaries, geography would be much easier. Although geo-politcs probably wouldn't go well at all.

balyien said...

It's a little difficult to see how geopolitics could go any worse, but I suppose WWI and II would have something to say about that (and just about any other war ever).