Thursday, April 30, 2015

AFI Top 100, #93: "The Apartment" (1960)

This movie was previously reviewed as part of my Best Picture Project. Below is the pertinent information about it: the movie stats, plot summary, and the rating I gave it. You can read the full text of my review HERE.

Movie Stats:
Released 1960 (USA)
American, in English
Director – Billy Wilder
Stars – Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray

Plot Summary:
Lowly insurance agent C.C. Baxter (Lemmon) has been working his way up the corporate ladder by letting several executives in his office use his apartment as a place to bring their sidepieces. When Personnel Manager Jeff Sheldrake (MacMurray) approaches him about using the apartment, C.C. finally gets what he wants: an executive position with his own office. However, there’s an unintended consequence he hadn’t considered, and C.C. has to decide whether the trouble is worth it after all. MacLaine co-stars as C.C.’s love interest, Fran Kubelik.

3.5 stars.


Patricia said...

So nice to check things off in an efficient manner!

Already watched! Check!

balyien said...

There are a lot of these on this list. Coming up, I have three in a row, which I intend to put all in one post. No need to clog up the blog with "I've already seen this" posts!