Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Buys: New Purse

This is a new series that I'm contemplating taking up. Honestly, I don't tend to buy a whole lot of goods. Most of my money goes to food, music (via iTunes), and cheap, mass-produced clothes/shoes. However, I bought this purse at Santa Monica Festival a couple of weeks ago. I love it so much that I wanted to brag about it, and thus the idea for this post was born. It could end up being the only one in the series.

Here is the purse in question:

Technically, I believe it's a "wristlet," a style I don't normally go for, but the larger bags were a little expensive for my taste. Despite my initial reluctance about the style, I was won over by the design. With friends egging me on, I couldn't resist the purchase. I've used it on numerous occasions since then and find that the style suits me after all. The strap is comfortable to carry on my wrist, or I can tuck it under my armpit. It's lightweight. It's also the perfect size. I don't like big purses. This one is just right for carrying my phone, keys, i.d., and perhaps a small bottle of hand lotion and/or some lipstick.

I purchased it from a local company called Little Green Me, which only sells items made from natural or recycled materials. You should check them out for the watches alone. They're really cool. If I wore a watch, I'd totally buy one.

The purse itself was made by Urban Junket. It's made from canvas, recycled plastic, and natural dyes. How awesome is that? If you like big purses, they have those too! And they're based out of Minneapolis, one of my favorite cities ever. You should check them out!


Patricia said...

I like this idea! I support more Good Buys posts! Do it!

Those watches are amazing.

Also, should my chain wallet give out before I am 62, I might investigate the wristlet style. It seems very handy.

balyien said...

I'll try to keep it up! I like the idea that it would encourage me to buy local more frequently, because I'm certainly not going to be peppering my blog with my many Target buys.