Monday, January 12, 2015

Toys My Dog Destroys: Yellow Slipper and Striped Monkey

I have a weird sense of humor, so when I saw a toy shaped like a slipper, I thought it would be pretty funny to buy that for my dog, not that we've never had a problem with Major going after our slippers. Here is yellow slipper when I gave it to Major on 12/12/14:

Major was extremely fond of yellow slipper, as you can see here:

That very same day, he'd chewed off enough of the yellow fuzz on the outside to create a bare patch, so I figured the toy wasn't long for this world:

Sure enough, by the next day, Yellow Slipper was destroyed:

Here Major is in the act of pulling out some of the stuffing:

In fact, he destroyed Yellow Slipper so violently that he somehow flung the squeaker up on top of the printer:

Even so, Major loved this toy, and continued to play with it every day. It was still easy to throw because it had the flap that I could hold onto. So I kept it around, but it was leaving little yellow fuzzies all over the house. Finally, on 1/4/15, my husband insisted we throw it away. Here's Yellow Slipper before it went in the trash:

That same day, I gave Striped Monkey to Major:

 Within ten minutes, Striped Monkey was already torn open:

Is it my imagination or does Major look a little regretful to have destroyed his new toy so quickly?

On 1/10/15 Major somehow found more stuffing in Striped Monkey to pull out:

I threw Striped Monkey away on 1/11/15:

These toys were bought at the same time from a major pet store retailer for $2.50 each. Yellow Slipper lasted about 3 weeks. Striped Monkey lasted only a week (in reality, only about 10 minutes).


Patricia said...

He does indeed look a little sad. He's kind of a machine, that dog.

balyien said...

A killing machine? Yes. I suppose he can't help it. It's in his nature.