Thursday, January 8, 2015

Solo at the Movies, Maintenance Post

I love going to the movies by myself. In fact, I prefer it to going with other people. When I go by myself, I can choose to see whichever movie I want, without someone else’s input. I don’t have to wonder if my companion is enjoying the film. I don’t have to worry about my companion talking during the film, or getting annoyed with me if I occasionally make a comment. Best of all, I can spend my time after the film contemplating it, rather than having to engage in a discussion about it with someone else. (I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I liked “Birdman” and I both saw and had a discussion about it with friends.)

Last year, I contemplated the idea of doing a monthly blog series about seeing independent films in the theater. I never got around to doing it. I think making the potential series specific to independent films is what did it in. I just can’t seem to make myself to commit to that.

Since I can’t make myself commit to one independent film per month, I’ve decided to broaden my scope. What I plan to do is visit a different movie theater each month, by myself. This theater may be part of a chain, or it may be independent. The film I watch may be mainstream or independent. It may be old or new, although I plan to only see movies that are new to me.

The purpose of this series will be to review not only the movie, but the theater as well. If I enjoy the series, I may continue it into next year. Who knows? It’s an adventure! 

That’s the “Solo at the Movies” project in a nutshell. Right after this post, you will see the first review of the series.


Patricia said...

I am so. frickin'. excited. You are combining three things I love: solitude, movies and movie theaters.

I see the majority of movies by myself, and it's handy for all the reasons you state. But most of my movie-going companions are well matched, so I do like to watch movies with people too. It's just easier to go by myself. If I only watched movies when other people could watch movies, there would be far, far fewer movies in my life.

balyien said...

I like seeing movies with other people too. It just seems like a weird "social" activity to me, unless one is planning on going somewhere either before or after to hang out with the people in question.

Also, due to my blog movie projects, I think I've seen so many movies that I never would have picked myself that I'm kind of itching to go see movies of my own choosing.