Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Toys My Dog Destroys: Monkey

I actually purchased Monkey at the same time as Lamb Chop. He made the trip across country with us, packed away, waiting for his moment to come out & play. That chance came after Major destroyed Green Bunny-Octopus. Here are a couple of pictures of Monkey before I gave him to Major on March 11:

The destruction of Monkey began almost immediately. I found him the very next day, March 12, with one of his yarn eyes mostly pulled out and the other one partially pulled out:

I expected things to descend rapidly from there. Happily, I was wrong. At some point, Monkey lost the loop on the top of his head. I neglected to document when. However, his eye was never completely pulled out and the other eye, somehow, went back in. Beats me how that happened. In fact, Monkey didn’t really face any further destruction until nearly two months after I gave him to Major. On May 10, I found him eviscerated:

Notice Major's snout on the left. He's going
in for the kill.

The very next day, on May 11, I found Monkey’s squeaker pulled out and on top of our bed. Since I feel weird about posting a picture of my bed online, here’s a picture of the squeaker on top of my dresser:

Truthfully, Major lost interest in Monkey after pulling out his squeaker. He hardly played with him anymore. I was lazy, though, and didn’t throw Monkey away until today, May 27. Here’s a picture of him before he went in the trash. As you can see, Major never managed to crack open his head to get out that stuffing:

Major was fond of Monkey. He likes the smaller toys, and they seem to last longer, but I prefer the bigger ones because they’re easier to play tug-of-war and fetch with. I bought Monkey at a major pet store chain for $3.00. He lasted approximately two months.

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Patricia said...

Well done Monkey! Way to last!