Monday, February 24, 2014

Toys My Dog Destroys: Lamb Chop & Porcupine

Ever since we adopted doggie, I've been astounded by how quickly he destroys his toys. After all, he was already bordering on middle-aged when we got him. I thought perhaps he wouldn't be quite so, um, vivacious. He's my first-ever dog, okay? I guess I was a little naive.

Major loves his toys. Whenever he gets one, he has to run around the house triumphantly with it, making it squeak loudly as he shakes/mauls it with his mouth and tries tear it open to rip out its guts. Let's just say that he loves his toys to death.

After his first few toys were quickly destroyed, I decided to go cheap, trolling the $1.00 toy bin at a well-known discount retailer. To my dismay, I discovered that these toys usually lasted under an hour. That's when I started getting his toys at a well-known pet store chain. They're a few dollars more expensive, but they definitely last longer.

Somewhere along the line, after discovering the latest tell-tale evidence of destruction, I decided to start documenting the massacre. I find it amusing. Perhaps someone else will as well, or perhaps everyone is going to think I'm crazy/stupid. I guess we'll see.

My plan wasn't terribly well thought-out at first, so I don't have "before" pictures of Lamb Chop and Porcupine. In the future, I'll include both "before" and "after" pics of the toy, how much I spent on it, and how long it lasted. If I think to do it, I'll try to document when he inevitably busts into it and starts ripping out its guts and the squeaker. I often let him continue to play with the toy once it's desiccated because he wants to and I don't see the harm.

This is Lamb Chop. I bought her at a pet store for about $3.00. Major really loved Lamb Chop. In spite of the onslaught, she lasted approximately 3-4 months.

It's a bit difficult to tell from this pic but she's
actually torn in half. I threw her away after this.

This is Porcupine. I bought Porcupine at a pet store for about $3.00. I gave him to Major right about the time we moved and threw him away today, so that means he lasted less than two months.

Porcupine's yarn "quills" were actually torn off
about two seconds after I gave him to Major.

Here's the hole whereby Major pulled out all
the stuffing.

Note: we do make sure that Major doesn't eat/swallow any of the stuffing he pulls out.

And in case you haven't seen my other post about Major, here's a picture to remind you of what the vicious beast looks like:

I hope you have as much fun with this project as I do!


Patricia said...

This is a grand idea. I have one cat who is not interested in destroying things, just playing and another who is not satisfied until everything is eviscerated. It's kind of funny, though I'm glad they are not actual living creatures.

balyien said...

Our kitty likes to destroy her scratching post. She also has a penchant for tearing up carpeting in corners (luckily we don't have carpet here). Other than that, she's not much one for destruction. She just likes to get into things. The other day, I walked into the kitchen and she came flying out of a cabinet. I have no idea how she even got in there.