Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Toys My Dog Destroys: Green Rabbit-Octopus Thingie

I have to admit that I expected green bunny to last longer. I bought her because I thought it would be easy to play tug-of-war with her (it was), which Major enjoys (note: he doesn't like rope toys, which makes tug-of-war more difficult for us). I expected the legs to come off fairly quickly, and was surprised when they weren't the first thing to go.

Here's green bunny before I gave her to Major on 2/24/14:

I thought she looked kind of evil in the face, so I didn't really mind the thought of her meeting her demise. It took three days for the destruction to begin, but once it did, the descent was rapid:

Green Bunny eviscerated 2/271/4

Major finds & removes the squeaker

Major pulls out the rest of the stuffing 3/2/14

First leg comes off 3/7/14.
Major looks at me, wondering why I haven't
thrown it for him yet.

Total destruction 3/8/14.
Doesn't even look like a green bunny anymore.

I purchased green bunny at a major pet store chain for $5.00. She lasted slightly less than 2 weeks. RIP green bunny. We hardly knew ye.


Patricia said...

I can see why descriptive names are important here. What if you had named it Helen? Her death would be that much more tragic. Green bunny though? She was destined for a short life.

balyien said...

Definitely wouldn't want to get too attached by giving them real names. ;)