Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Out and About: Seattle and Other Miscellany

Just a few pictures from recent travels and a hike.

Pico House in downtown LA, outside of Union Station. It's formerly a luxury hotel built by Pio Pico, the last Mexican governor of California, after his tenure. I was in LA the weekend of Halloween & discovered this building, plus a Day of the Dead celebration in a nearby plaza, on my way home.

In mid-November, I went to Seattle for a wedding. Below are some pictures from that trip.

Fall colors.

A philosophical street sign.

My friends live in an awesome houseboat
under this bridge.

Something about the composition of this
shot really appealed to me.

Sunset over the Lake Washington Boat Canal.

My friends got married on a boat docked in Lake Union. Here are some shots from the venue.

View of downtown Seattle.

Boat details.

Boat details.

Arty shot through a porthole.

On my last day, I visited the Seattle Art Museum. It was a thoroughly pleasant way to spend a few hours. I particularly enjoyed the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit. Below are pictures of two of my favorite dresses. If you are anywhere near this museum before January 8 of next year, I highly recommend you check out this temporary exhibit. It was an all-time favorite of mine.

Last but not least, a hike at Torrey Pines the weekend before Thanksgiving. The clouds were amazing that day.


Patricia said...

That yield sign is awesome. If you were the type of person to send out photo Christmas Cards, it would be a great picture for that.

Your friends have a thing for boats, eh?

balyien said...

Haha, I guess they do have a thing for boats!

I'm considering the idea of doing a photo Christmas card this year. There may be something big for us afoot in 2017 (not a baby, blech).