Monday, September 12, 2016

Up with Geography: Chile

Country Name:


South America

South American continent. Chile outlined
in dark ink & shaded.

 A close-up of Chile & its neighbors.

Peru, Bolivia, Argentina

Water Borders:
Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean (barely)

Total Area:
291,930 square miles

Five Largest Cities:
Santiago, Valparaiso, Concepcion, La Serena, Antofagasta

Famous Geographical Point:
Atacama Desert

Famous Person:
Carlos Sotomayor, painter

Book Set In/About:
Eva Luna by Isabel Allende

The story of a poor, young orphan girl who trades in the only currency she owns: stories. From the description, it sounds rich in details about South American culture.

Movie Set In/About:
"El Club (The Club)" (2015), directed by Pablo Larrain

At a secluded house near the Chilean seaside where disgraced Catholic priests are sent to sort themselves out, a special counselor arrives after an incident. I think this film sounds fascinating!

Headline of the Day:
"Chile Honors Allende on 43rd Anniversary of Coup That Toppled Him" on Fox News Latino.


Patricia said...

Nice job with all those islands down south.

The fact you have Allende twice (Book author and Headline) has me wondering if that is a common name in Chile.

I've read at least one of Allende's books, but I'm not sure if it is that one. And I'm too lazy to go to Goodreads to find out. :-)

balyien said...

I don't know how common it is, but Salvador and Isabel are related (her father was Salvador's cousin). Salvador was the answer to a trivia question last night, which my team got right because of me & the fact that I recently wrote this post. :)

I've never read any of Isabel's books.