Monday, September 19, 2016

Out and About: Maui

I haven't been on any adventures lately, but I like to give my readers a picture post at least once per month. So I spent some time thinking about how I could deliver a picture post without having taken any recent photos & eventually came up with this idea.

I first started this blog when I lived on Maui. However, I didn't post a lot back then, and when I did, I rarely used any pictures. It seems like a good time to rectify that. All of these pictures are from the 2.5 years we lived on Maui. I didn't include any from our trips to Big Island or Honolulu (Oahu). I believe that I will do a separate post at some point from our road trips to Hana (also on Maui) because there are so many pictures.

I tried to include a little bit of everything that makes Maui such a special place!

The view from Kanaha Beach Park in Kahului:

Detailing on a covered seating area at Iao Valley State Park (near Wailuku):

Banyan tree at Iao Valley State Park. Sadly, I just read that massive rains this week caused enough damage to close the park indefinitely:

All of these flower pictures were taken in Ulupalakua. The hibiscus was at Maui Winery. The other two photos were taken while I was out and about:




Pictures from atop Maui's tallest mountain, Haleakala. The people in the second photo our strangers. I just thought it was a cool shot:

My husband walking down a trail out past Ulupalakua on the southeast side of the island. There are no settlements or services in this area, so very few people live out there. It's fairly isolated. While wandering around, we found spent shotgun shell casings and decided to leave:

A friend of ours was briefly employed as caretaker for a wealthy person's home deep in the jungle near Haiku. It was stunningly beautiful there. This is the waterfall near the home:

Nakelele Blowhole. Great hike, beautiful views. It's in a remote area on the northwest side of the island:

Snorkelers and sailboats in one of the bays between Kapalua and the blowhole. Not completely sure which bay; there are several and I can't remember exactly where we stopped to snap the pic:

A glorious double rainbow over the townhouse we rented in Makawao:

Sunset, as viewed from that same location:

I think this is Ho'okipa Beach in Haiku, on the north side of the island. If you look closely, you can see the fisherman in the center of the picture:

One of my absolute favorite places on Maui, the lavender farm in Kula. You can see the fields of lavender in the background:

A view from Kula of Kahoolawe, Hawaii's little-known eighth island, which is uninhabited.

Heavy clouds, sun, and if you squint, a view of Kahoolawe. I took this picture in Ulupalakua, shortly before we moved away:

My blogger profile pic! I'm the one closest to the camera. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving 2010 in Kihei. The people ahead of me are friends of ours. This was our last holiday on Maui. In fact, we moved only a week later:


Patricia said...

Just today while reading your posts I found myself wondering the genesis of your blogger photo. And here you deliver!

Hawaii does so many things well, among them flowers and sunsets. It's such a beautiful place. I'm glad you got to live there.

Also: bougainvillea is fun to say.

balyien said...

I concur re: flowers and sunsets. We may go back for a friend's wedding in March. I find myself hoping that we can go & looking forward to it.