Saturday, May 7, 2016

Out and About: Lake Guajome Regional Park

New area, new places to explore. Even though it’s only a few miles down the road from us, I found out about Guajome Lake Regional Park via my city’s sub-Reddit. I don’t have a Reddit account, but there are several sub-Reddits that I read regularly. It was one of these subs that gave me the idea to visit my city’s sub, which gave me a few good ideas about places to visit.

Anyway, after reading about the park, my husband and I decided hike there this past weekend. The park is easy to get to, only costs $3 for parking (I did see a little bit of on-street parking if you don’t want to pay the fee), and is absolutely gorgeous. I’d read online that a hike there is like going through several different climate zones. They weren’t wrong. We spent about two hours there and we saw a lot of cool stuff along the way.

These geese look like they were just chilling but they
were pretty noisy.

Lake Guajome

A big, beautiful tree.

There was a lot of signage, but I never saw one
for this plant, which is abundant. Never
figured out what it is.

So many fuzzies that it almost looked
like snow.

An old fire hydrant (?), nearly camouflaged by
dead palm fronds.

Neat vista.

After so many years living in desert climates,
I've come to greatly enjoy cacti in its many varieties.

Lovely little cactus flowers.

My favorite photo of the day.

Pretty purple.

Amongst all the beauty, an ugly little bog.

A smokestack (?) attached to nothing.

I was very impressed by the park. I had a delightful time & I'm looking forward to frequent visits.


Courtney Turner said...

Jan, I know you moved, but not where. Sure, I could skim your Facebook page, but I'm too lazy.

balyien said...

Haha, we've moved to North San Diego County.

Patricia said...

Your favorite photo is my favorite photo too. And I'm interested that you labeled the bog "ugly" and not the random smokestack?

balyien said...

It's not that I find the smokestack aesthetically pleasing, but the oddity of it - in the middle of nowhere, attached to nothing in this beautiful place - appeals to me.