Thursday, May 5, 2016

Last Text of the Day: Month Five

Day 1
To Orange: Here’s “I’m a stupid cat!” [video link]
A video I’d told her about that I thought was hilarious. HERE is the link if you'd like to watch it; very NSFW language.

Day 2
To Azure: Anytime! Miss you too. If you do get a chance to make it down here we’ll soak up the sun and do a bunch of girl stuff.
She was supposed to come to town for a conference but had to cancel. We talked about her hopefully visiting at some other point in the future.

Day 3
To Indigo: Phew! I’ll leave the Spanx at home. That way I can fit in more munchkins. *yellow wink emoji*
She joked around that the Oscars party she was hosting was formal dress. Munchkins = those donut holes they sell at Dunkin’ Donuts. They were indeed served at the party.

Day 4
To Red: Okie dokie!
I believe this is a response to her saying she was on the way to pick us up.

Day 5
To Blue: Ok. Am I picking you up?
I think he got a ride that night.

Day 6
To Blue: Love you too.

Day 7
To Orange: Never too full for you!
I’m talking about my schedule.

Day 8
To Lavender: Exactly! Haha. Hope you have fun in [redacted city name] this weekend!
We were discussing the soccer team her boyfriend follows. The full explanation is too long for something you probably don’t care about.

Day 9
To Maroon: Ok, let’s do [redacted business name]. It’s at [redacted address]. That’s where I saw [redacted famous person]. ;)
Making plans to meet up for coffee while he was in town.

Day 10
To Orange: [Redacted]’s watching it. I’m only half paying attention. The buzz I heard this week was that it was terrible.
The X-Files mini-series finale. It was terrible.

Day 11
To Brown, Teal, Red, Indigo, & Gray: Ok, no problem!
That’s a lot of people for a text chain I remember nothing about.

Day 12
To Teal: Yeah, I think we’re going to try it this year. Our taxes were really complex for a couple of years but they got simpler again.
Turbo Tax. Truly a fascinating conversation, lol. Side Note: We did indeed use Turbo Tax.

Day 13
To Beige: Despite a slight mishap (blender doesn’t work), we *red heart emoji* the soup. Thanks for the recipe!
I’m talking about this soup recipe. After Beige talked it up, it made the rounds of our friend circle. Everyone loves it.

Day 14
To Azure: Thought you might appreciate this. [Captain Jack Sparrow pic]
This was a “stages of writing” pic that used the different facial expressions of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Day 15
To Pink: I’m sure it’s because he receives excellent care at home. :)
Her dog, who had to have oral surgery but it wasn’t as bad as expected.

Day 16
To Blue: In that neighborhood I usually part up on [redacted] and walk down.
He was meeting me for an event & I wanted to help him out so he didn’t get frustrated with parking in this busy neighborhood.

Day 17
To Teal: I’m here! Found street parking.
Meeting her for a movie.

Day 18
To Green: Have you seen Deuce’s face? Will give you an even bigger laugh.
Oh boy. This was a mean-spirited text. The star player of my team’s arch-rival, Clint Dempsey of the Seattle Sounders, turned up at their season opener looking like someone had punched him in the face. I, and many others, don’t like this player because of the way he behaves (for example, he once got a 3-game suspension for slapping an opposing player in the no-no zone). I researched but never found out why his face was so messed up. Side Note: Deuce is his widely used nickname.

Day 19
To Orange & Yellow: Aww. Reading the book that movie is based on took my interest in mountain climbing from zero to negative.
After seeing “Everest,” Yellow said she no longer wanted to mountain climb. This was my response. The book I’m referring to is Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.

Day 20
To Blue: I got in the car and that Phil Collins song you guilted me into turning off the other day was on. I listened to the whole thing. *purple demon emoji*
The song in question was “In the Air Tonight.” My husband hates Phil Collins, like a deep loathing that knows no bounds. My victory was short lived, as I heard this song repeatedly over the next several weeks and got sick of it.

Day 21
To White: Is Cowspiracy an anti meat eating film?
She said she was going to see this film. She’s vegetarian, so this was my educated guess. She never answered me and I forgot to look it up so I still don’t know what it’s about.

Day 22
To Orange & Yellow: Boooooo. I’m sorry you’re sick. :(

Day 23
To Blue: Here.
Obligatory picking husband up from work text.

Day 24
To Red: Maybe next time we have a hankering we’ll go there instead of Scoops.
She asked me about an ice cream shop I visited with some of our mutual friends. She’s never been there. Side Note: “Scoops” is our jokey name for a yogurt shop we frequented. In a text chain last year, Red accidentally called it Scoops instead of its real name and none of us noticed for DAYS.

Day 25
To Sienna, Brown, Indigo, Teal & Red: Are there bad ones of him? ;)
Pictures of a particular tennis player, but now I can’t remember which one.

Day 26
To Orange: Those times would work for me as well!
Planning a friend date.

Day 27
To Red & Indigo: No, we’re nearly there now!
We went to our friends’ band’s gig in downtown LA. Indigo was supposed to go with us, but couldn’t get out of work on time. We chatted with her via text on the way (someone else was driving).

Day 28
To Beige: [Redacted] needs to learn the guitar solo first. *yellow wink emoji*
At our friends’ gig, I jokingly told them that next time I was going to request “Free Bird.” The following day, I got in the car and it was on the radio. It was such a weird coincidence, I had to text her about it. She said it was a sign they needed to add it to their repertoire.

Day 29
To White: Very true! He’s way sicker than me and he had to go into work today & he’s still there. Poor guy.
Talking about my husband. Given what was to come in 2 weeks (the company going bust out of the blue), I’m even more annoyed that he worked so hard when he was sick as a dog.

Day 30
To Blue: I’m here.
Picking him up from work.


Patricia said...

Dan and I have a hatred of Phil Collins in common. Though I would guess my hatred is deeper as we share a last name. Why did I have to get the square guy?

However, he did a thing on This American Life where I did have a few minutes of thinking I had perhaps judged him too harshly.

That soup looks good and that cat video is funny. I appreciate your honesty in your mean-spirited text. :-) The world will never know why he looked the way he did.

balyien said...

I suspect that he caught an errant elbow during practice or a preseason game. Happens all the time.

I don't know if anyone could possibly hate Phil Collins more than Dan does. It's so deep and abiding that I ruined his day when I informed him that Disturbed's "Land of Confusion" was a cover of a Collins original.