Saturday, December 13, 2014

Toys My Dog Destroys: Blue Pig

I gave Blue Pig to Major on November 9. Look how happy he is to be of service:

 Major got pretty much all of the stuffing and the squeaker out on November 19:

After that, Blue Pig was kind of hard to play with. Since he was basically flat and empty, he wasn’t conducive to throwing. I’d try to toss him and he’d go maybe a foot or so. Therefore, Major quickly lost interest in him. I threw him away on December 12, but I only kept him around that long because I didn’t have any back-up toys (fail, I know).

Look at this small hole Major made that he somehow pulled all the stuffing through:

I bought Blue Pig from a major pet store retailer for $2.50. He lasted approximately one month.


Patricia said...

"After that, Blue Pig was kind of hard to play with."

These posts are kind of like one of those books that seem like children's books, but are really for adults.

balyien said...

Well, it's not my intention to be subversive, but I concede the point.