Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Final Reflections on November 2014

I think November 2014 was the best month I’ve had in a really long time. There’s a lot to be said for achieving the things you’ve been meaning to achieve. I enjoy feeling accomplished. In November I: got the finished manuscript back from my editor; found and began working with a cover artist; and got a part-time job. I’m only working about 6-10 hours per week, but at this point it seems to be more than enough. With work, writing a thousand words per day, doing pretty much all the household chores/errands, and a much improved social life, I’m feeling very busy right now!

In addition to the huge leaps forward with the book, I also had a visit from my brother. That was a lot of fun. I took him to a few places I’d already been. He also helped me explore some more of the city, going places I hadn’t been before: namely Malibu Creek State Park and Catalina Island. I’ve already been back to the park, with friends this past weekend. I’d really like to return to Catalina Island, since we only got to spend an afternoon there. I’ve been floating the idea to my husband that we go for my fortieth birthday next year.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. It’s my favorite holiday. I love taking one day a year to stop and reflect on everything I have to be grateful for (although I do try to be grateful every day). I also love good food, conversation, and friends. So it’s the perfect holiday for me. A friend of ours hosted and we really had a splendid time.

In December I’m looking forward to a weekend trip to Austin to celebrate my friends’ wedding. I’m also looking forward to publishing my book (hopefully releasing it by the end of the year!) and attending holiday parties. It will be a nice cap to a year that has, like usual, been full of lots of ups and downs (although mostly up I’d say). 

November was a nice month, full of so many great things: family, friends, work, writing, accomplishments, and the rain that LA has so desperately needed all year. If you’re stopping by to read, why don’t you tell me what made your November special?


Mardelle Jones said...

My november brought me a finished full bath as well as a finished 1/2 bath off my bedroom! I also enjoyed having my official House Warming / Open House event! My family attended - and if you had asked me if I EVER thought they would attend I would have laughed at you and bet you $50 that they wouldnt attend. Finally I celebrated my Thanksgiving once again at Tybee Island where I cooked the bad assiest turkey EVER! And all the fixings to go with said turkey. It was a great month - the house feels like a home. I am under contract on the condo and Lord willing it will be sold on Dec 29th! Just a few things to fix that came out in the inspection. Fingers crossed! :)

Patricia said...

My November seems not to be very memorable. I sewed a lot, that's one thing.

But I'm quite excited to hear about YOUR fabulous month which was chock full of all sorts of good thinks. Hooray for you!

balyien said...

Mardelle, so glad that your house was finally finished and that your family surprised you and attended your housewarming party. Sounds like you had a really great month! Here's to hoping more of the same for you in December.

Patricia, I'm sorry November wasn't memorable. Perhaps December will be better? Thanks for being excited for me. :)