Friday, March 3, 2017

Sci Fi Top 100, #45: "District 9" (2009)

This movie was previously reviewed as part of my A-Z Movie Project. Below is the pertinent information about it: the movie stats, plot summary, and the rating I gave it. You can read the full text of my review HERE.

Movie Stats:
Released 2009 (7 different countries simultaneously)
American, New Zealander, Canadian & South African, in English (translated alien language; several different African languages, mostly translated)
Director - Neill Blomkamp
Stars - Sharlto Copley, David James

Plot Summary:
Twenty-eight years after an alien race has landed on earth in Johannesburg, South Africa, a munitions corporation by the name of Multi-National United (MNU) has been tasked with forcibly moving the alien refugees to a camp farther outside of town. MNU employee Wikus Van De Merwe (Copley) has been tapped to lead the operation, but disaster unexpectedly befalls him. James co-stars as the MNU’s lead thug, Koobus Venter.

3.75 stars


Patricia said...

I wonder if there is a Hollywood organization/affiliation group of people who make the alien languages in movies.

balyien said...

If there is, that would be cool as hell to be a part of.

Dan absolutely loathes Sharlto Copley's accent. I find it kind of hilarious. Of all the things to get hung up on...