Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Music Love: Five Songs

Lately, I've had an embarrassment of riches with new songs that I love. So I figured, instead of writing a long post about one song, I'd write a sentence or two each about five different songs. Here's some of what I've been digging lately.

"24K Magic" by Bruno Mars
I suppose there's someone out there who hates the music of Bruno Mars, but that person isn't me. I absolutely adore the groove of this song, how fun it is, and the flippant line, "spend your money like money ain't sh*t."

"Fill in the Blank" by Car Seat Headrest
I like the punk rock vibe of this song & love the lyrics. Example: "You have no right to be depressed, you haven’t tried hard enough to like it. Haven’t seen enough of this world yet, but it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts."

"Atomic Number" by case/lang/veirs
What a phenomenal collaboration! I love their voices together. They had me at the line, "I'm not a pan of milk for you to spoil."

"California" by Robert Ellis
This is what made me fall in love with this song: "And she says maybe I'll move to California with the unbroken part of my heart I still have left. Maybe I'll fall in love again someday. I'm not gonna hold my breath." Gut punch.

"My Type" by Saint Motel
I think this song is irreverent & hilarious. I love the serious "I'm a man with very specific taste" juxtaposed with "You-you-you're just my type. Oh, you got a pulse and you are breathing." Cracked me up the first time I caught what he was saying. Also, this video is awesome.


Patricia said...

Okay! Here I was thinking maybe I wasn't going to have a song for April after all when along comes your post. I love "Fill in the Blank"! Love it!

I've heard that "My Type" song a lot and never noticed those lyrics. Probably because I was distracted by the horn fill. That song is much more clever than I thought, and I like the video too.

balyien said...

Yay! I love it when I can turn someone on to a new song.