Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Woodland Enchantress Cross Stitch, Progress Report 2

Back in July, I did a post about my latest cross stitch project. Believe it or not, since it's been nearly 3 months, it's time for an update! First, let's start with a couple of reminders.

Here is what it's going to look like (in theory) when I'm finished:

Here's what it looked like at the time of my last post:

And now, here's what it currently looks like:

This represents 20.25 hours of work, spread out over 10 days. I didn't keep track of this, but I think those 10 days were fairly evenly split between working at my fiber arts group and working alone. I try to get to the project at least once week, although clearly I haven't achieved that yet.

I can't decide if it looks like I've made a lot of progress or not. You tell me!


Patricia said...

I can tell you about the tense feeling I've got going on looking at how long it took to get as far as you have gotten. This is a project that is not for me! But I'm quite impressed at your skill and it's going to look great when you are done. Thanks for the update.

balyien said...

Projects like this are definitely a marathon rather than a sprint. You kind of have to go into it expecting it will take you a few years. Then it's not so overwhelming to put in a lot of time while seeing little result! Thanks for the compliment. :)