Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Last Text of the Day: Month Six

Note: During the move, I lost track of this project. I decided to discontinue it due to lack of interest. Therefore, this is the last post in the series, and it's not even a full month's worth of texts.

Day 1
To Blue: I can't believe they got two red cards.
I was out with friends while my soccer team was playing a game. Before I got home, I looked up the outcome and texted my husband about it. It was the opposing team that got two red cards.

Day 2
To Red: Luckily, you add in the broccoli last so if it's looking too full you can just stop, or you could add more broth. You'll do fine!
Remember that broccoli soup recipe I mentioned in last month's texts? Still talking about it. She was making it for the first time and I gave her pointers.

Day 3
To Black: Haha, ok! Sounds good. :)
I don't recall what this is about.

Day 4
To Indigo: So you think that it's going to be helpful overall?
Discussing a blow-up punching bag she'd purchased.

Day 5
To Indigo: It's just feeling a little limp after last night's workout! Haha.
The punching bag didn't survive the night. She sent me a picture of it. It looked like a limp penis.

Day 6
To Orange: Sounds like a plan!
Making plans, obviously, although I don't recall what they were.

Day 7
To Blue: FYI, we're going out for a slice of pizza. And I'm going to take [redacted] home before I come home.
I was out with friends & checked in with my husband because it was getting late.

Day 8
To Brown & Red: I think that's what [redacted]'s bringing but we prob can't have too much. *yellow wink emoji*
Discussing what we were bringing to a friend's Easter brunch the following day. I believe the substance in question was OJ & champagne.

Day 9
To Brown & Red: Yes, we want to hear a cockney accent!
I recall that we were joking around about Red's husband (he's British and we like to tease him by attempting our own terrible British accents), but I don't remember the exact details of what led to this text.

Day 10
To Red & Teal: Oh no! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. *yellow sad emoji* Honestly, another day this week or next would work better for me. Maybe Thursday?
We were supposed to do the dreaded Culver City Stairs but Red was sick. It ended up being a very nasty cold that lasted for weeks. We never did do the stairs before I moved away. (I did them once on my own when I first moved to LA and thought I was going to die.)

Day 11
To Azure: Thanks! I try to keep my work stuff on my gmail account. It's [redacted].
She offered to send me any job notices she thought I might be interested in.

Day 12
To Purple: I got them! Thanks! I can print them for us.
Tickets to a soccer game.

Day 13
To Azure: His brother literally just asked him if we want to go with him and his girlfriend to [redacted] for his 30th bday. [Redacted]'s like, "we'd love to but..."
This is the day my husband lost his job. I texted my friend about it, and about how my brother-in-law invited us on a trip right after we got the bad news.

Day 14
To Indigo & Brown: I could do another weeknight. I had just suggested Thursdays because it's close to the weekend but I don't mind staying out on a weeknight once in a while. *yellow smile emoji*
We spent months trying to plan a trip to the comedy club we had a Groupon for. It never worked out.

Day 15
To Red: You used 8 exclamation points. You must be feeling better. *yellow lol emoji*
Her prolific use of exclamation points is an ongoing joke between us.

Day 16
To Red: Ok, I'll text you when I get out!
I don't remember what this is about.

Day 17
To Orange & Yellow: His dad landed in the hospital today so it's been an A+ week so far. *yellow lol emoji* Some coffee or about a gallon of alcohol would be nice.
My father-in-law ended up in the hospital about 5 days after my husband lost his job. It sucked. My FIL is okay though.

Day 18
To Red: Well, a man needs his hobbies, I suppose.
I wish I remembered what this is about, but I don't.

Day 19
To Orange & Yellow: Thanks so much for the good food, beer, and conversation, ladies!

Day 20
To Black: My mom used to wear a towel on her head when she was cold but didn't want to turn on the heat. Lol.
This is true but I don't remember why I told Black this.

Day 21
To Black: Awww, thanks! Will def try to make the next one.
She said my friends missed me at trivia night.

Day 22
To Red: Me too!
I don't know what this is about.

Day 23
To Beige: Definitely!
I don't know what this is about.

Day 24
To Red: Oh, soccer balls! I vote for soccer balls. *yellow wink emoji*
She was making a pair of pajama pants for her husband. I asked what fabric. She said he hadn't chosen yet, so I put in my two cents. Her husband is, like me, a footy fan but he did not choose soccer balls.

Day 25
To Blue: Okay. It's good to have a firm date.
He texted me with his start date for his new job.


Patricia said...

Well, I, and the internet anthropologists of the future, are sad to see this series go. It's been very interesting. But I think you ended it on the perfect note, with the finding out about the new job.

Patricia said...

Also, those Culver City Stairs sound awesome!

balyien said...

The stairs are a really good workout. It's impossible to tell how steep they are until you're standing at the bottom of it. The difficulty for me is that they're uneven. Some of them are normal stair height. Some are so tall that I was nearly lifting my knee to my chest to get up it. It's definitely not for the out-of-shape!