Friday, March 11, 2016

Last Text of the Day: Month Three

Day 1
To Blue: I have a ride home. She has not been drinking.
I went to a whiskey tasting with some friends. I had my husband on "chauffeur" duty. He dropped me off and anticipated picking me up, but one of my friends didn't drink at the tasting so she drove me home.

Day 2
To Red: Of course! If you think of anything, let me know.
Discussing a holiday dinner that she was hosting.

Day 3
To Orange & Yellow: Thursday is good! If you know of anywhere Christmas-y, I'm up for it. Lol.
Making plans to get together before the holiday. Yellow expressed an interest in going somewhere festive.

Day 4
To Orange & Yellow: I don't mind! I discovered today that their hot chocolate is pretty delicious. *yellow smiley emoticon*
We ended up deciding on a place I'd just been.

Day 5
To Orange & Yellow: Love you gals!

Day 6
To Copper: I'm sure you would enjoy that!
We were discussing the show "Jessica Jones." He said that he felt she could beat him up. The above was my response to that.

Day 7
To Red: You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it! *yellow smiley emoticon* Hoe [sic] you and [redacted] have loads of fun today!
She thanked me for a gift I gave her. I didn't discover the typo for days and once I did I was highly amused.

Day 8
To Red: I'm a bit sorry that [redacted] is watching. It's not a very good game.
Talking about a Seahawks game. The Seahawks are my husband's team.

Day 9
To Red: Okay, just let me know! I'm flexible. I'll ask [redacted] what he thinks about doing the escape room.
Making some holiday plans. I still have not done an escape room, but want to.

Day 10
To Red: I've been wanting to watch that but not sure if I want to feel that angry. Lol. You should watch Death Row Stories (also on Netflix) if you want an extra dose of rage.
She suggested I check out the show "Making a Murderer." I still haven't seen it.

Day 11
To Red: Preferably one without a cushion.
We were joking around about her tendency to fall asleep the second she starts reading a book. In coming up with ways for her to read in discomfort, I recommended she get a stool without a cushion.

Day 12
To Red: We're here!
Meeting for dinner.

Day 13
To Red, Indigo & Brown: That works for me!
Making plans for a get together.

Day 14
To Red: Just woo hoo instead. ;)
Oh gosh. So, last year some of us went to a taping of "The Price Is Right." Since then, we've poked fun at ourselves about how much "woo hooing" we did during filming (they have employees on stage directing you how much noise to make and when). So she was talking about how she was going to scream during something scary she was going to do and I made this lame joke.

Day 15
To Red & Black: No idea! I found out about the cleric when I read an article about a more violent protest about it in Iran.
Earlier in the day, we'd gone on a hike, followed by brunch. On our way to brunch, we stumbled across a peaceful protest and had no idea what it was about. By accident, I later discovered that it was about a cleric executed in Saudi Arabia.

Day 16
To White: Hi! I hope you guys had fun in [redacted]. :) [Redacted] and I are planning a game night this Sat if you're interested/available.
Pretty self-explanatory. She and her husband did plan to come but she got sick. Boo.

Day 17
To Brown, Red & Indigo: *wide eyed embarrassed emoticon*
I don't remember exactly what I was embarrassed by. I believe it was either sexy jokes or pics (of famous men).

Day 18
To Orange: I'll keep my fingers crossed! Whenever [redacted] gets sick, I always catch it but he rarely catches stuff from me.
We were sharing a hope that her boyfriend wouldn't catch the terrible cold she'd had.

Day 19
To White: Ok. I feel like you did right before you left that night but [redacted] can't recall. Maybe [redacted] will!
We were trying to figure out if they'd paid us for some tickets. They had (her husband remembered).

Day 20
To Blue: I've been waiting for 25 minutes. Should I go?
We were meeting up to attend a couples happy hour. He said he would be out in ten minutes and 25 minutes later I sent this text. Not sure if my pissy tone comes across. Lol.

Day 21
To Orange: We have: veggies & hummus, chips, cheese & crackers, cookies, beer, and soda.
The menu for game night.

Day 22
No texts sent.

Day 23
To Blue: Here.
Picking him up from work.

Day 24
To Teal: It's called Santa Ynez Falls trail.
I invited her along on a hike another friend and I were doing. She wanted to check it out online before committing. She ended up not going.

Day 25
To Brown, Red & Indigo: Yes, Tuesday. I'm also open but wonder if we could have a slightly later start than we normally do, like maybe 7 or 7:30?
Trying to arrange a get together. In the end, we didn't meet up on Tuesday.

Day 26
To Silver, et. al: Are you sure he's not 5'10"?
Piggy backing on a conversation from earlier in the evening, joking about how some men lie about their height online. (I'm not including the other recipients because they're not people I normally text, so I don't want to assign them color designations.)

Day 27
To Brown, Red & Indigo: OMG, let's do this!
After the Tuesday plans fell through, and much discussion of other possible dates, we finally found one that worked.

Day 28
To White: Congrats! It looks good to me.
She sent me a picture of a cake she made in honor of her NFL team winning a play off game.

Day 29
To Yellow & Orange: Ok! See you ladies tomorrow. Can't wait!

Day 30
To Red: Well, we'll have to think of something really fun to do!
Making plans for while her husband was out of town.


Patricia said...

I feel like there were a lot more texts about making plans this month that previous ones. Perhaps because soccer season was over? :-)

balyien said...

Haha! Probably because it was the holiday season, although my social life took a definite nose dive after Christmas.