Thursday, March 31, 2016

AFI Top 100, #24: "Raging Bull" (1980)

This movie was previously reviewed as part of my A-Z Movie Project. Below is the pertinent information about it: the movie stats, plot summary, and the rating I gave it. You can read the full text of my review HERE.

Movie Stats:
Released 1980 (Canada & USA simultaneously)
American, in English
Director - Martin Scorsese
Stars - Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Cathy Moriarty

Plot Summary:
It’s a biopic of real-life boxer Jake La Motta (DeNiro). Pesci co-stars as Jake’s brother/manager, Joe, and Moriarty as Jake’s wife, Vickie.

3.5 stars


Patricia said...

This movie was recently brought up in the context of Biopics. The point was made that we don't need to see Jake La Motta's entire upbringing, and that perhaps Biopics would be more interesting if they just focused on one aspect of a musician's career.

balyien said...

I think that viewing the upbringing CAN be conducive to understanding the person the biopic is about, but it doesn't do anyone any favors to dwell too long.