Friday, February 12, 2016

Last Text of the Day: Month Two

Day 1
To Orange: Hopefully you found it early! And yes, I'm glad you live on the second floor. You'd probably lay awake like this if you weren't [sic]: O.O.
Discussing a newly discovered pest problem where she lives.

Day 2
To Indigo: They never are as tall as they seem on TV! Haha.
Actors. They pretty much never are as tall as they seem on screen. Although I recently saw Mark Sheppard and he was actually taller than I expected, probably because his co-stars are quite tall themselves.

Day 3
To Red: *smiley emoticon* That game was nerve wracking. It's a little bad for us that they got a goal but as long as we hold it together next game we should be fine.
Yes, soccer again. During these first two months of texts, my team was in the playoffs. They made it all the way to the final (which they won). At any rate, my kind-hearted friend, who cares nothing for soccer, texted me because she knew my team had just won an important game.

Day 4
To Blue: Ok. I'm en route.
Picking him up from work.

Day 5
To Red: Haha, I doubt that!
I had apologized for my road rage while driving earlier. She said that her road rage is worse than mine, which I sincerely doubt.

Day 6
No texts sent.

Day 7
To Red & Brown: We should plan some girl time for next week!

Day 8
To Gold: Cool. Thanks for thinking of me! I'm getting excited for my speed walk. :P
She and a mutual friend were doing a 10K, and she invited me to join them by doing the 5K portion. I accepted with the intention to walk the 5K while they ran the 10K, since I had no training. She sent me a promo code for a few dollars off the registration fee.

Day 9
To Red & Gray: Why don't you ladies go without me? I hope you have a good time & that the movie is great! BTW, I think [redacted] really wanted to see that movie if you'd like to see if she wants to go.
The three of us had been talking about seeing a movie together, but the time that worked best for them didn't work well for me. Plus, they wanted to see a movie I didn't ("Secret in Their Eyes"), so I bowed out. Turns out it was for the best (see below).

Day 10
To Red & Gray: Yeah, I wasn't impressed with the ArcLight either. Sorry the movie was poo.
So they went and they hated both the theater and the movie. I didn't like the theater either (it's where I saw "The Night Before").

Day 11
To Red: And I just got ours. :)
Tickets to an event.

Day 12
To Red: Lol. The bus is super easy. I think you'll find you won't mind it for short trips! But I won't tell [redacted] that. ;) Thanks for the offer of a ride home. I'll prob take you up on that.
Remember that girls night we talked about back on Day 7? That would take place on Day 14, and we were discussing how we were each getting to it. My friend doesn't want her husband to know how easy taking the bus is so he'll keep chauffeuring her, haha.

Day 13
To Blue: *three different colored heart emoticons* One from each of us.
Oh man, busted being a total sap to my husband. I was sending him one heart each from me, our cat, and our dog. I'll go die of embarrassment now.

Day 14
To Blue: Yep.
Answering some question; I have no idea what it was.

Day 15
To Red & Indigo: I hope so! We missed you at HH last night.
Expressing that I'd like to see Indigo soon, because it had been a while. HH = happy hour.

Day 16
To Green: I hope so! Or he can surprise us and get 3.
Discussing the upcoming soccer final. One of our forwards is known for always scoring a "brace" (two goals). I was being optimistic. In the end, he scored no goals, but two of our other players had a goal each.

Day 17
To Green: Ahh, a slow, calculated revenge.
His brother-in-law was able to go to the soccer final in Columbus, and both of us were jealous. We were (jokingly) discussing Green's plans for revenge on said brother-in-law.

Day 18
To Indigo: I'll never turn down a free drink! :D
At least, I'd never turn down a free drink from a friend.

Day 19
To Blue: Lol, nice save.
He said something borderline "bad" to me but managed to turn it into a compliment. It was all in good fun.

Day 20
To Blue: Yes.
It's so hard to remember what I'm responding to with these one-word answers.

Day 21
To Gray: That book I was talking about is Double Cross by Ben Macintyre. :)
Self-explanatory. Good book, by the way. I recommend it!

Day 22
To Blue: Yes. I'm out with the girls.
He asked me if I'd eaten dinner, forgetting that I was out for the evening. He was just getting off of work.

Day 23
To Red: That happens!
I'm no longer sure what happens.

Day 24
To Indigo, Brown & Red: I was thinking of making it a husband-free event (for me, not opposed to other husbands going). So I could take your other ticket if you don't mind. And pay you for it of course!
Making arrangements to buy a Groupon for a comedy show.

Day 25
To Gray: Lol. #1 (because we're the best obvs).
I can't explain this one without giving away some personal information, so I won't. Just know that I was joking around.

Day 26
To Gray: Sounds good!
I believe this was in response to arrangements for an event we were going to.

Day 27
To Black: Haha! Well, I wouldn't agree to hikes inside me. ;)
Making a joke out of a typo of hers.

Day 28
To Silver: Oh, now he's offering to watch a Jane Austen film with me because he knows the conversation has annoyed me. Lol.
Discussing an upcoming Christmas party. I wasn't sure if significant others were invited (many of the women are single), and so I asked my friend if they were, but then my husband was being wishy washy about whether he wanted to go, which annoyed me.

Day 29
To Yellow: Hey, I'm not going to bring my phone so here's [redacted]'s number in case you need to get a hold of us: [redacted number].
On our way to see "The Force Awakens." Most of us were carpooling together, but Yellow and her husband were meeting us at the restaurant before the movie. My Jedi costume didn't have pockets.

Day 30
To Silver: He didn't really seem like he wanted to too [sic] so he's been relieved of that duty. :)
My husband didn't go to the Christmas party mentioned on Day 28.


Patricia said...

As usual, super interesting. Also good to know that your Jedi Costume didn't have pockets. I guess those Jedis don't need them.

balyien said...

Well, when you can use mind control to get what you want, who needs pockets?