Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Toys My Dog Destroys: Funny Dinosaur

I loved this adorable, dorky little dinosaur. Here he is before I gave him to Major on February 11:

Unfortunately, the dorky little dinosaur lasted all of maybe ten minutes. Here is the destruction:

I was a bad dog mom this time around and didn't have a back-up in the house. Then I was struck by a fit of extreme laziness, preventing me from going out to get more toys. So poor Major was toy-less for over a month. He occasionally ran around with "the rag," as I came to call Funny Dinosaur, when he was really excited, but toward the end he even got tired of that.

Here's the toy before I threw it away on March 18. Note that he's turned inside out. I didn't do that:

I bought Funny Dinosaur at a major pet store retailer for $2.50. He literally lasted maybe 10 minutes. Hopefully the next toy has better endurance!


Patricia said...

I've been known to be struck by extreme laziness. :-)

I'm impressed at the turning inside out skills. Way to go Major!

balyien said...

I think some of the fuzz was stuck, and in the effort to pull it out he turned it inside out. Either that, or he has opposable thumbs I don't know about. ;)