Sunday, November 16, 2014

Toys My Dog Destroys: Little Piggy & Colorful Dragon

A two-for-one post. As you may recall, I kept Little Piggy around long after Major had mostly destroyed her, curious to see if he would go back to playing with her after destroying new toys. I discovered that, like most everyone, my dog pretty much always prefers new toys. It's best that he has only one at a time.

Here is Little Piggy on the day I gave her to Major, June 16:

He tore a hole in her on July 4 & pulled out her squeaker and most of her stuffing:

He managed to finagle some more stuffing out of her on July 12:

Here she is on the day I threw her away, November 9. Like most of his toys, he never managed to get the stuffing out of her head. She cost me $3.00 at a major pet store chain and lasted nearly 5 months, although he really didn't play with her much after July.

Here is Colorful Dragon on the day I gave him to Major, August 20:

He got the squeaker and nearly all the stuffing out on September 5:

Sometime in early November, Major pulled more stuffing out of Colorful Dragon, although I'm not sure where he found it because it wasn't from his head. My husband cleaned up this stuffing before I could take a picture of it.

I threw Colorful Dragon away the same day as Little Piggy, November 9, in order to make way for a new toy.

Major liked Colorful Dragon a lot. He continued to play with him long after the squeaker and stuffing were gone. This toy cost me $2.50 at a major pet store chain and lasted approximately 2.5 months.


Patricia said...

I find it odd that they have such cheery expressions as they are eviscerated. Perhaps I should make a line of pet toys with expressions of horror?

balyien said...

I kid you not, I had the exact same thought while writing this post! We should go in business together. Give me a few extra sewing pointers and I'll get right to it!