Monday, August 25, 2014

Toys My Dog Destroys: Happy Lion

I tried something a little different this time. Way back on June 16, I gave a toy to Major that I’m calling Little Piggy. Here’s a pic of her:

Major busted out her squeaker and most of her stuffing within about three weeks. Despite the fact that she still had quite a bit of stuffing, Major lost interest in her. That’s when I decided to give him Happy Lion, on July 17, without throwing away Little Piggy:

I thought I’d see if he’d play with both toys or if he would prefer one over the other. He definitely preferred the new toy, even after he tore a hole in him on July 26:

The next day, July 27, Major got out most of the stuffing and the squeaker:

Surrounded by Happy Lion's innards. I didn't want
him in the picture but he wouldn't move.

I kept him around regardless. Although Happy Lion now had less stuffing than Little Piggy, Major still preferred him. He played with Little Piggy only infrequently. I kept both toys around until August 20, when I threw Happy Lion away and gave Major a new toy. Here’s Happy Lion before he went in the trash:


Sort of looks like road kill.

I purchased Happy Lion at a major pet store retailer for $3.00. He lasted approximately one month.


Patricia said...

I think the worst part is how happy the lion looks, even after all his torture.

balyien said...

All of us should be so cheerful to meet our final doom! ;)