Sunday, July 20, 2014

A-Z Movies, A: "Aaah! Zombies!!"

Note: This movie is listed on IMDB as “Wasting Away,” but I rented it from iTunes as “Aaah! Zombies!!” and that is the name listed as the title at the beginning of the film.

Recommended by:
Chuck (friend)

Movie Stats:
Released 2007 (USA)
American, in English
Director - Matthew Kohnen
Stars - Matthew Davis, Julianna Robinson, Michael Grant Terry, Betsy Beutler

Plot Summary:
When a military experiment goes awry, friends Mike (Davis), Vanessa (Robinson), Tim (Terry), and Cindy (Beutler) are turned into zombies. This is their story.

Blue language; violence & gore; implied sexy times.

Bad Stuff:
This is entirely a personal preference issue, but the humor is really silly & goofy & heavy on the gross-out factor. That’s not typically to my taste (although there are exceptions to this rule). I didn’t find it very funny. I only laughed a couple of times.

I was kind of bored. The movie felt longer than it was. It seemed like it took the main characters a long time to clue in to what was actually happening to them.

Good Stuff:
On the other hand, it was fairly amusing that the main characters were so oblivious. I liked that they couldn’t grasp the enormity of the situation. It seemed like really natural reaction to me. It just went on a touch too long.

I liked the basic concept of it, a zombie movie from the zombie’s perspective. It felt fresh and different.

The Verdict:
I’ve had a difficult time deciding how to rate this film. It wasn’t really my thing, but I recognize that it wasn’t a bad movie either. I know a lot of people who would think it’s hilarious.

Toward the beginning, I was annoyed by how bad the special effects were. Then I realized that it was intentional, an homage to the old George Romero-type zombie flicks. There were a lot of subtler, more clever, things like that that kept me from disliking it wholesale. I guess, overall, I would classify this as entertaining for one viewing, but a film that I’m unlikely to watch again.

I give it 3 stars.


Patricia said...

Hooray! I was idly scanning your list of movies the other day (which I poached with the intention of watching them too, though I clearly am not) and wondering when you would begin this project.

How funny that the title change isn't recorded on IMDB.

In reading the book "What's Your Number" I discovered the title of the book was changed to match the movie. Originally it was called 20 Times a Lady, which I think is a hilarious title, much better than "What's Your Number?"

balyien said...

I agree that "What's Your Number?" was a bad name for that movie/book. It didn't feel like a good fit. "20 Times a Lady" is much better! Too bad.

I'd already watched several of the movies, including "B," but hadn't gotten around to watching "A" yet, hence the delay in kicking it off on the blog. Now that I've gotten started, they'll be posted in fairly rapid succession for the first 5 letters.