Monday, April 12, 2010

Found Items: My Magnetic Bookmark Collection

I have to admit that I'm pretty sure that I didn't know that magnetic bookmarks existed prior to finding some tucked away in books at the bookstore. Here is my collection as it currently stands:

My first find was the "Oregon" bookmark that appears to showcase Multnomah Falls. Prior to finding this bookmark, I was never much of a bookmark user. I would just set books aside and find my place the next time I picked them up (sometimes unsuccessfully). But this bookmark appealed to my sentimental side.

Now I love magnetic bookmarks. What a fantastic invention!

The white one with the flower was my second find and is probably my favorite because it's pretty.

The monkey one is my latest acquisition - just this last weekend, in fact. I like it because it's a nice size, but it perplexes me. Why would a monkey be shushing anyone? Aren't they kind of loud themselves?


Patricia said...

Maybe it's a monkey disturbed by loud noises. I've looked at magnetic bookmarks, but haven't ever used one. Finding one in a book might be a good introduction to them for me.

Patricia said...

Curious as to who invented magnetic bookmarks and how long they have been around, I googled "who invented magnetic bookmarks?" and came up with this information, which may or may not be true:

balyien said...

Interesting! Thanks for the info. The magnetic bookmarks are great - inobtrusive, and they never slip out of the book. I'm a convert; I highly recommend them!