Sunday, April 10, 2016

Last Text of the Day: Month Four

Day 1
To Blue: Here. Closer to [redacted street name]. Couldn't get over in time.
Picking my husband up from work. I would usually try to park right in front of his office but on that day I couldn't get over in time on the busy two lane road to do so.

Day 2
To Blue: Here alley.
And sometimes I had to pick him up in the alley behind his office.

Day 3
To Indigo, Red & Brown: *lol emoji* I can already imagine how that went.
Indigo told us she had a funny story from work that she was calling "the invisible door." It didn't quite go as I imagined, but it was indeed funny.

Day 4
To Blue: On street. Just saw a bunch of open meters.
He asked me if there was parking where we were meeting our friends.

Day 5
To Orange & Yellow: I'd be up for both of those things. *yellow smiley emoji*
Not totally sure what "things" I was talking about. Probably coffee and happy hour. Perhaps coffee and beach clean up.

Day 6
To Brown, Red & Indigo: It's hard for me to even get a laugh out of this stuff. It's too real.
We were talking about Donald Trump.

Day 7
To Red, Indigo, Brown & Gray: I'll practice my Blue Steel!
In a conversation about what movie to watch for movie night, we were joking around about watching "Zoolander 2" instead of one of the Oscar nominees.

Day 8
To Indigo: If I see one I'll immediately throw myself on its claws so I don't have to live through what Leo did. Lol. Thanks for the ride!
We ended up watching "The Revenant," which we all found incredibly traumatizing. I was going on a hike the following day, and Indigo told me to be on the lookout for bears.

Day 9
To Red: I can already hear [redacted] saying something like, "It wasn't that violent! You guys are just wimps!" He watched this movie called Ironclad a few months ago that had positively revolting violence & loved it.
Still discussing "The Revenant." She wondered what my husband would think of it. He still hasn't seen it.

Day 10
To Brown & Indigo: I'll prob get there around 7-7:10.
Coordinating for a movie showing (Oscar nominated shorts) we attended.

Day 11
To Brown, Indigo & Gray: I saw a dead cat in the road on the way home. Like I wasn't depressed enough already. *yellow sad emoji*
Some of the Oscar shorts were very depressing (but so good).

Day 12
To Silver: Thanks. So sorry to cancel last minute. Hope you ladies have a blast!
I was supposed to go to a ladies night but I wasn't feeling well. I think I was dehydrated.

Day 13
To White: Awesome, thanks!
She offered to look up something we were talking about going to.

Day 14
To Blue: I put my foot down a little too hard while walking and now I have all the pain.
I started out the year on a Couch to 5K program and somehow injured my leg (bad shoes I think). I nursed this injury for a couple of weeks. It's better now but I haven't restarted the running program.

Day 15
To Blue: Here darling.
Picking him up from work.

Day 16
To Blue: Correction: I would consume the shit out of that.
Haha! I no longer recall what delicacy we were talking about.

Day 17
To Pink: Sounds good! :)
Making plans to go see a play.

Day 18
To Pink: Ok, just text me when you get here and I'll come out!
Still talking about the play. It's called "Swarm Cell." It was super interesting & very well-acted but one of the actresses had a medical emergency halfway through and so the audience was asked to leave. I never got to see the rest of the play & never heard if the actress was okay.

Day 19
To Red: Hope you guys find something to do in [redacted city name] tonight! Good luck at your run tomorrow!
This seems self-explanatory.

Day 20
To Gray: Will do!
She asked me to save a seat at our friends' show.

Day 21
To Indigo: I hope so! Especially since it's so nice out. Sucks to be sick in nice weather.
She hadn't been feeling well.

Day 22
To Blue: Okay, be right down.
He was picking me up for once!

Day 23
To Sienna: Thanks again for the invite! I had a great time.
We went to Korean BBQ. Om nom nom.

Day 24
To Red & Gray: I can meet at either place, no problem!
Coordinating for a trip to the LA County Museum of Art.

Day 25
To Red, Indigo & Brown: The phenomenon is spreading: [website link]
A few days before, we'd discussed, via text, the severed feet phenomenon, which I'd heard of before, but none of them had. It had been a while since I'd heard of any more feet being discovered, so I was surprised when an article about fresh feet popped up right after our conversation.

Day 26
No texts sent.

Day 27
To White: Looking forward to it!
Hiking, I think.

Day 28
To Gray: Haha! I would totally be like, "Om nom nom, sorry, got lost."
She went to a maze made of cake. I was jealous.

Day 29
To Red: Should be fine. I may take the ride both ways, depending on how late it is. We'll see!
We were going to play tennis. I didn't have the car, and so I was planning on walking there and having her drive me home after. She offered a ride both ways. In the end, it rained and we didn't get to play tennis at all.

Day 30
To Gray & Red: Curse you! /shakes tiny fist
I believe Gray sent a picture of the precursor to the awkward sex scene in "Anomalisa."


Patricia said...

This one was my favorite.
To Indigo: If I see one I'll immediately throw myself on its claws so I don't have to live through what Leo did. Lol. Thanks for the ride!

I'm also quite intrigued by this maze of cake.

balyien said...

Sadly, I never got much more info on the cake maze. I was intrigued as well.