Sunday, January 19, 2014

Up with Geography: Albania

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Country Name:




European continent. Albania outlined & shaded.
Ignore that random line in the Mediterranean
by France & Spain. It's a mistake and I don't
have white out.

A closer look at Albania & its neighbors.

Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece

Water Borders:
Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea

Total Area(added March 2015)
11,100 square miles

Five Largest Cities:
Tirana, Durres, Vlore, Elbasan, Shkoder

Famous Geographical Point:
Lake Ohrid

Famous Person:
Mother Teresa, humanitarian

I realize that Mother Teresa is considered somewhat controversial nowadays but I've decided to stick with her because a lot of people still feel that her legacy is positive.

*Book Set In/About:
Chronicle in Stone by Ismail Kadare

A coming of age tale about a boy growing up in Albania during WWII.

*Movie Set In/About:
"The Lady from the Town (Zonja nga qyteti)" (1976), directed by Piro Milkani

A comedy about a young woman's attempts to find a husband, with the help of her mother.

Headline of the Day:
"Poland Supports Albania's EU Integration" in Business Standard.

*I realized that people might be more inclined to read the books and/or watch the movies if I provided brief descriptions. Bear in mind that, for the most part, I haven't read these books or seen these movies, so my descriptions are based on online reviews.


lostindustrial said...

The movie that comes to mind as I think about Albania is Wag the Dog. Have you seen it?

Patricia said...

If push came to shove, I'm not entirely certain I would have placed Albania in Europe before I read this. I'm also having a weird sensation in that I didn't really realize Macedonia was a country. Suffice to say, I'm quite happy you are back with the Geography project.

I feel like such an ugly American right now.

balyien said...

Christa - "Wag the Dog" is one of those movies that I always think I've seen, but then when I really think about it, I'm not so sure. I know what it's about. I'd have to have a viewing to see if it looks familiar.

Patricia - Yeah, this project is pretty humbling. I couldn't have placed Albania on a map before this. And I was unaware that Kosovo was its own country now. So I'm quite happy to be doing this project as well.